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2019 #2EarlyMocks ADP

Run by Justin Mason, the #2EarlyMocks are a collection of nine 2019 mock drafts run simultaneously in late September of 2018.

Unfortunately, the drafts were cut short due to a technical difficulty on Fantrax. In the ADP calculation, autodrafted picks are not counted. Also, because the picks were cut short, any player that was undrafted in a league where their end ADP was lower than the draft position at the end was assigned a dummy selection (in grey). For example. Rowdy Tellez was selected in one league 145th overall, but went undrafted in the rest of the leagues. In the other leagues he was given a value of the last pick made in each draft + 1.

Adj. SD is the adjusted standard deviation of each player's draft position. It is the residual of standard deviation prediction based on ADP. The goal is to help identify if the pick spread is large, given that player's ADP. The higher the Adj. SD, the larger the variance in draft selection across the nine leagues.